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As part of our commitment to our valued clients, Ignite Power is also offering Primary and backup diesel power generators for rent. Reliable, effective and innovative services and products. All generators available for your needs with packages to suite your budget. Whether you are an individual renting generator for domestic use, Company or big Corporation. You can rely on us for your diesel power generator needs.

Iman group has an ample stock of rental Generators. All our generators are tested regularly on load to ensure they are fully functional when required.

Why rental generators:

  • No maintenance
  • No services
  • Just put diesel and keep the generator running
  • No ownership

What rental generator entails:

Your hire a Generator for x amount of time (1 week/month/year). All you need to pay for is :

  • Rent for the duration (Paid in advance)
  • One time installation charge (installation and removal)
  • Transportation (two sided pick & drop)
  • DB (Distribution board if required or if an ATS panel is not required because of no WAPDA connection)
  • ATS (Automatic transfer switch) in case of WAPDA connection available
  • Cables which will be charged as per actual for connection to & from Generators. These cables will become your property if/when Generator is withdrawn, upon completion.


Short term rental solutions are especially tailored for the duration of 1 week – 1 month. The range for the short terms rentals can be upto 100KVA. Ideal for weddings, events (business conferences/trainings), residential, office restaurants & business locations.


Long time rental range are solutions tailored for the duration of one month – one year+. The range can be upto 250KVA. Ideal for construction sites, buildings, marquees, temporary offices, events etc.

(All rental range are subject to availability)

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